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Smart Head Play is a not for profit charity organisation with a mission toward delivering education, management, risk mitigation and ongoing research into Concussion for all athletes of all sports; male and female, schools, workplaces and for everyday life.

Our aim is to change the attitude in sport and community day to day living from “get up you’re not hurt or shake it off” when it comes to brain injury. We want to assist all sports participants, students, workers, indeed everyone in our community to protect themselves against long term damage of the brain from a Concussion and to educate them on how to rehabilitate in a safe and effective manner.

Research is the key to achieve these goals to ensure we know what is best for everyone in the community. Smart Head Play will continue to strive for more far reaching research to be conducted in Australia for the benefit of the Australian community and to ensure future generations do not have to ask the questions we are still asking today.

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