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Concussion is a type of brain injury that changes normal behaviour such as memory or balance and because a concussion cannot be seen on an X-ray or CT scan it is known as the ‘invisible injury’.

In most cases a concussion (a change to the way the brain functions) is temporary and reversible. However, changes in physical, cognitive, emotional and behavioural functions are long lasting and devastating. Researchers are only now beginning to understand the impact this injury has on the brain and the way it works.

Without accurate diagnosis of concussions there is no identified treatment or strategies to mitigate further damage to the brain or rehabilitation to contain impairments.

This lack of knowledge continues to put the community at risk in the short term as well as the long term through links between repeated head injuries and the onset of cognitive impairments, as well as movement disorders, later in life.

The accurate diagnosis of concussions is the first step in developing a program for the community in relation to head injuries.

Research is urgently required to provide data that will address three key pillars: