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Further to treatment, research is needed to rehabilitate those who have sustained multiple concussions and are showing signs of cognitive or neurological impairment. Research has shown links between repeated head injuries and the onset of cognitive impairments, as well as movement disorders, later in life. Research in movement disorders and the cognitive sciences has shown potential in rehabilitation, using the principle of ‘neuromodulation’ (using an external stimulus to modulate brain activity) as part of the rehabilitation process. For example, in acquired brain injury (Stroke) research, neuromodulation via brain stimulation technology assists with ‘priming the brain’ in preparation for exercise therapy; similarly, the same technologies are being used during cognitive training.

By undertaking further research in those with cognitive impairments or movement disorders from repeated head trauma, we will aim to ‘contain’ progress of further cognitive degeneration and assist those to improve functionally from their injury, and taking them to a ‘new normal’ allowing them to continue quality of life.